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How to Make Your Hair Thicker Naturally

Hair is an important part of your appearance. A thick, flowing, vibrant hair adds to your appearance. Thinning hair could be due to a variety of reasons including heredity. If your parents or grand parents are bald you are likely become bald as well. Hair loss can also occur due to environmental factors, exposure to dust and chemicals. It could also be a symptom of some underlying disease. Several treatments to grow hair are available. Most of them are quite expensive. There are several methods to make your hair thicker naturally. They do not cost you the earth.
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 Natural Methods to Make Your Hair Thicker

Scalp Massage 
Several natural oils help to make your hair thicker. The most important oils are coconut oil, almond oil and olive oil. Heat any one of these oils and apply it to your scalp. You should apply the oil with constant massage so as to cover the entire scalp. The oil penetrates to the hair follicles and stimulates it. After the completion of the application, cover your head with a hot towel. The towel will absorb all the excess oil. Wash it off with shampoo after an hour. This process has to be repeated every week. This will help your hair to grow thick.

Coconut Kernel

One of the best methods to promote hair growth and make your hair thicker is to apply coconut kernel to your hair. Grind coconut kernel and make a paste. Apply this paste to your scalp with a gentle massage before going to bed. Wash it off next morning with shampoo. Repeat the process twice a week. This would not only make your hair thicker but also soft, smooth and shiny. Coconut kernel is s very good moisturizer. It would also get rid of dandruff. 


Just as our body, hair also requires certain nutrients to grow. It requires adequate quantities proteins, minerals and vitamins. Your diet should include foods that can provide adequate supply of all these nutrients. Fish, milk, eggs, cheese and poultry are considered complete proteins. They help hair growth. Some of the foods containing vitamin A like carrots, tomato, apricots, cherries, orange and lemon can be included in the diet


You have to keep the hydration levels high by drinking adequate quantities of water.

Washing hair

- Frequent hair shampooing may strip the hair of its moisture and make it dry

- Wash your hair twice a week, as daily shampooing and washing may damage the hair

- Hair should be washed with warm water instead of hot water.

- Home made natural shampoo has to be used, as chemical based shampoos available in the market are likely to damage your hair.

- You should not cover the hair after shampooing with a towel as it might get the hair into tangles and cause damage

- You should let the hair dry on its own. Using a hair dryer is also not recommended.

- Hair has to be combed after it is dry.

Other Remedies

- Henna can be used once a month as a hair conditioner

- Apply egg white to the hair and wash it off after 30 minutes

- Apply aloe vera gel once a month. It is a natural conditioner and helps to strengthen the hair follicles

Life style

Smoking may result in hair loss. Adequate sleep is also essential.

It is possible to avoid thinning hair due to hair loss and make your hair grow thicker naturally by following these methods. 

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